Southside Montessori School strives to:

  • enrich and inspire the child by integrating modern innovative teaching practices,
  • encourage the child to develop a love of learning through their classroom experience,
  • ensure staff continually update their professional learning to meet the needs of the children,
  • update resources to meet the changing needs of the children,
  • treat each child as an individual and respect their needs and beliefs,
  • give children an appreciation of cultural diversity and teach respect for all,
  • build partnerships with parents through ongoing parent education,
  • promote the Montessori philosophy to the wider community,
  • provide stability to the child by providing the same educator and classroom over a three-year period,
  • explore ways of using technology to support open learning and communication,
  • have open communication between school and home,
  • enable children to grow into confident, happy and purposeful individuals.

Southside Montessori Strategic Plan Priorities 2013–2015

Annual Reports


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